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Alumni Conversations: Kameron Owens

Kameron Owens is a recent graduate from the LPN to ADN Bridge Program at our Cincinnati Campus. Owens’ dedication to the nursing profession has inspired classmates and educators who have had the privilege to work alongside him. Though his time with Galen has come to a close, Owens reflects fondly on the experiences and education he had with the college.

What brought you to Galen?

“Galen’s reputation was the ultimate factor that guided my decision. Friends of mine attended Galen Cincinnati and encouraged me to pursue my RN degree there, due to their strong and structured curriculum. The preparation students are given allows us to be successful in our programs and chosen career paths. “

Why did you feel called to the nursing profession?

“It all began with my grandparents. They were my inspiration because I wanted to be sure that they never had to worry about not having caring support within their health and lives in general. Once I was pulled in, I have not been able to see myself in any other career in this world. I have a natural calling to care for and support others. So many people and patients will tell me that I have a good and positive aura to my presence that makes them feel more comfortable in a critical time. Knowing that I can find answers and make a way to not only care for, but to also “get things done” for someone who may not be able to for themselves, is the best reward to keep me in this profession.”

Was there a Galen Nurse Educator that impacted your nursing education?

“There were multiple instructors who really offered their knowledge and time to us, students. Each instructor has their own way of guiding us, but you will find that Galen’s instructors truly have their student’s best interests at heart. All of the Galen faculty shows the student body equal support and positive encouragement throughout their journey.”

What was the highlight of your Galen experience?

“Some of my best experiences occurred during clinical rotation. The clinical instructors are a relief from class, but also a great benefit to our educational pursuits. My clinical rotations were during the COVID-19 pandemic, so there were moments where it seemed overwhelming, but some of the experiences that I received in clinicals were most exhilarating. It motivated me to keep pushing forward. Our instructors encouraged and influenced us to keep reaching for gold and showed us that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Do you have aspirations of furthering your nursing education?

“I do plan to continue forward in my education. I have not selected a program yet, but my goal is to apply and obtain acceptance into an HBCU nursing or healthcare management program!”

Do you have any advice for potential students interested in ۽Ƶ?

“I would encourage students to keep their heads to the sky! Nothing worth fighting for comes easy in this world, but in pursuit of a nursing education, thriving effort and discipline are key! Self-care is key! Positive surroundings are essential! A positive mental capacity encourages determination and ambition to cross the finish line.”

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