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Cincinnati Student Pursues Calling at ۽Ƶ

Nakyra Williams is a current student in Galen’s ADN Program at our Cincinnati Campus. There was never a question in Williams’ mind as to what her future career path would look like.

“I feel like nursing is a field you have to be called for. It’s embedded in me to support others and make them feel safe, comfortable, and cared for even in their most vulnerable state,” explains Williams.

After discussing nursing school options with some friends and family, Williams discovered Galen. She noted that the nurses she spoke to who graduated from Galen embodied the values and dedication to patient care that she strived to have. Upon her arrival to our Cincinnati campus, Williams notes, “the atmosphere of Galen was unlike anything else. The smaller class sizes provide me with the opportunity for more one-on-one instruction and my classmates offer me an amazing support network.”

Nakyra notes that the people at Galen have made a huge impact on her nursing education and overall Galen experience.

“I remember when I first started at Galen. I was so afraid to become an outcast or not have any friends. However, you’d be surprised at how close you become with your nursing student classmates! I have met some amazing people that I will keep in my life forever.”

It wasn’t solely her peers that fostered a welcoming and supportive environment, her clinical instructor Mrs. Ellis extended the same level of support inside the classroom. Williams recalls that Ellis makes sure that every day her students leave learning something new.

“Mrs. Ellis makes me feel nothing less than capable of being successful and she always made me feel safe enough to come to her with anything,” boasts Williams.

The clinical experience can be challenging, but surrounding yourself with eager and similar peers makes all the difference.

“Your class will laugh together and cry together. You will probably practice skills on each other too! Believe me, it may feel awkward at first, but your classmates are experiencing clinicals with you and want you to succeed alongside them.”

Nakyra Williams intends to work in the ICU/Critical Care Unit after her graduation in 2023. She offers this piece of advice to her fellow students.

“Despite how tough the program may get or how tough your outside life may get, remember your why and keep on pushing!”

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