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۽Ƶ Student Helps at Scene of Accident

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February 11, 2015–San Antonio, TX — ۽Ƶ San Antonio student Ramon Selvera jumped to the aid of an injured driver and passenger. Having witnessed a roll-over accident in which the driver was injured, Selvera jumped out of his automobile and immediately performed an assessment of the driver and passenger, then helped to keep him calm until emergency personnel arrived on the scene.

Active duty Air Force RN, 1st Lieutenant Jonathon Gann also witnessed the accident and Selvera’s act and later contacted school officials to identify the person on the scene who at the time only identified himself as a nursing student but was wearing ۽Ƶ scrubs. The RN wanted to find out who this person was to recognize him for his life-saving actions and honor him with a certificate from his unit.

“I know you all are doing great things preparing your nurses because this student was caring and knew what he was doing,” said Jonathon Gann, RN to Dr. Audria Denker, the school’s Interim Campus President.

“We are so proud of Ramon, his caring assertiveness, quick thinking and ability to be calm and focused in the face of trauma,” said Denker. “It is our responsibility to teach our students to do just that and it is amazing when you see it in action. We can’t wait to honor him at the school. He said he just needed new scrubs, but we plan on doing more than that!”

When asked about the incident, Selvera said, “My instincts and training at Galen kicked in and I did what I have been taught. We were performing physical assessments in clinical, so the information was fresh in my mind.”

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