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Galen Students Volunteer During Hazard, KY Flooding

Devastation by Flooding in Hazard, KY

On a warm summer week in Hazard, KY a community was hit with major rain and flooding. More than 40 feet (at its peak) of flooding displaced residents, uprooted houses and trees, and left thousands without transportation, clothing, housing, and more. A call was sent across the state for aid in any way. Various state, city, nonprofit, and business organizations heeded the call and jumped in to assist this community in need – including ۽Ƶ. On August 8-13, 2022, 46 Galen nursing students and 4 Galen staff took to the road to lend a hand!

Galen Students on the Ground

In their final weeks of clinical studies, this group dedicated five 12-hr working days in the trenches at the local hospital to assist already overworked doctors and nurses with what would become an overcrowded facility.

Galen students were able to use their required five volunteer days as on-the-scene clinical work. They mostly assisted with nursing home residents who were moved to the hospital for temporary housing. Some of the students expressed their excitement about being able to assist with and sit in during surgeries and gain field experience as they prepared for their final exam. Other duties included cleaning, taking donations, and greeting patients.

Many of the students are current technicians or CNAs in medical facilities, so they were ready to get to work with the guidance of the registered nurses and doctors already on staff. The hands-on learning was an invaluable experience, allowing students to make a difference during a natural disaster and assist a hurting community.

On Thursday, September 8, Galen hosted a special presentation and dinner for the Galen students who donated their time and effort to the Hazard, KY community. They were greeted by the Galen Hazard Campus Associate Dean, Allison Boggs, and were able to share their stories and reflect once again on their experience and preparation for graduation and future success.

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