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Tampa Bay Student’s Passion for Education Leads to Innovative Idea

Natasha Colón is a current Tampa Bay student in our ADN Program. Colón’s Galen story is one of passion, perseverance, and ingenuity. Her nursing journey began in March of 2020, just a few days prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, when she discovered that she was pregnant with her daughter. The challenges of the pregnancy combined with the overwhelming stress of a global pandemic offered Colón her fair share of adversity.

Yet, she persevered throughout those nine months, which resulted in Colón finding her calling in the field of nursing. Natasha explains that her experience in labor with her midwife inspired her to pursue a career in nursing.

“The midwife that helped me through my pregnancy made me feel safe and prepared to take this massive life step. She truly made me feel like I was more than another patient. It was after that experience that I knew that I wanted to give others the same positive birthing experience I had.”

She recalls discussing this aspiration with her cousin, who recommended she look into Galen of College of Nursing. After a few meetings and a campus visit, Colón was enrolled and on track to becoming a nurse.

On campus, Natasha truly felt inspired and eager to learn.

“I love going to class. The teachers are always there to support me while still challenging me academically. They truly create an environment that I feel l can thrive in both personally and academically,” she says.

However, it was her time in our Advanced Simulation Center and clinical settings that inspired Colón to create a tool that would, not only help advance her hands-on experience, but her peers’ as well. Natasha found that organizing her head-to-toe assessment and care plan was difficult due to the large size of notebooks and the inevitable amount of scrap paper used.

Colón desired to have a notebook that would eliminate this inconvenience and focus better on patient care. So, she designed a specialized journal that displays a breakdown of Galen’s Head-to-Toe Assessment and Care Plan on the left and a section for reflection on the right. Moreover, she measured the exact dimensions needed to allow the book to fit conveniently in the pocket of her Galen scrubs. Immediately she began looking into turning her idea into a reality and after a mere 48 hours, the book was available for order.

Colón’s intention was for the book to be for personal use. However, her classmates soon took notice of its clean design, helpful interior, and convenient size and inquired her as to where to get one. This led to Colón beginning to sell this book to other students. The students left raving reviews of the usefulness of the book and brought it to the attention of some Galen faculty members.

“I really just wanted to share this tool I had created and I am glad that it is helping my classmates improve their clinical skills. Beyond that, I am glad that my classmates supported me and my idea. I really think this book, though small, can truly help Galen students learn to provide exemplary quality care,” explains Natasha.

Colón is set to graduate in 2023 and is enthusiastic about her future in health care.

“I have aspirations to continue my nursing education and become a certified nurse-midwife. I cannot begin to explain how excited I am to give others the same birthing experience that I had.”

Beyond her career aspirations, Natasha Colón elaborates that she wants to be sure to foster an environment of inclusivity and diversity during her time at Galen and in her future as a nurse.

“Making sure every person I encounter feels supported, cared about, and safe will always be my top priority. I always want to help others. I love helping my peers in class, my daughter grow, and my patients feel better. Caring for others is and will always be my calling,” boast Colón.

In support of Colón’s dedication to nursing education, passion for patient care, and desire to help others, ۽Ƶ will be offering a limited number of Colón’s books in our on-campus stores.

At ۽Ƶ, we truly change the life of one to care for the life of many.

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